Saturday, November 14, 2009 photo shoot

This was an definitely an interesting shoot... total guerilla-style-ambushing regular people off the streets of NYC and convincing them to model various snowboard gear for an product review. My man Tracy Anderson that I used to work with at about 10 years ago contacted me and we loaded up the car with snowboarding gear, minimal lighting gear, a list of typical "NYC characters" to shoot, and hit the streets really not knowing what would happen, or even if we'd be able to pull this thing off... it was totally free-styled but we managed to make moves even when it was raining, as well as not get a single parking ticket in the process.
There were plenty of people who turned us down, but then again there were a
surprising number of people were willing to go along with it, however they usually ran out of patience within 10 minutes and needed to get on with their day.... (besides the homeless guys of course)


  1. Awesome, Pete! You're killing it!

  2. Pete, that is sweet. Seriously, love the look and style of the products on these 'everyday' people.

  3. As usual these rock. I of course am drawn to the one in the park with homeslice wearing what looks to be old school Riedells!! Skate, skate, skate!