Tuesday, January 27, 2015

E M P I R E  C L S

Most luxury limousine companies don't go to these lengths
to create original imagery that speaks to their brand.
Empire CLS is not your average limousine car service company

This project gave me a chance to work with Blend Productions out of LA
who I had a great time working with on another project last spring. 
Having a chance to shoot at some great locations in the NYC are was amazing.

... i mean who doesn't wanna shoot a limo waiting for a private jet ;)

Special thanks to:

Kenny at Utopia
Fred Lam
Fast Ashleys
Jeff Allen
Aurelian Millecamps
Evelyne Verpaalen
The Palace Hotel
Rob Dowsley
Matt, Jesse, Daniel & Carol at Blend Productions
Brian, David and the whole team at Empire CLS