Monday, December 21, 2015


(Finally got around to updating!!!)

The pictures below are from a campaign I shot for PAGER.
PAGER is an app that sort of bridges the gap between those urgent health issues, and the issues
that might be ok to put off till theres time to see your doctor. 
It was an interesting shoot that brought my team on location in the morning, and to Jack Studios
for the afternoon. Teaming up with my Utopia artist was great... Seeing it plastered all over the subway in NYC was even better ;)

Photography: me
Props: Anthony Asaro
Wardrobe: Luis Rodriguez
Hair: Jeff Francis
Makeup: Kiyoshi Maeda
Production: Carol Lee/Kenny Roche

Big Thanks to: James Kozyra, Carolyn Bodner, Nik Traxler, Glen Jacobs, Jegukgroup, Shaun Doyle, Andrew Chomer,