Wednesday, September 18, 2013

G L E N D A  B A I L E Y
British Marie Claire 
October 2013

I had an unbelievable opportunity to shoot this portrait of Glenda Bailey last month. Glenda, who is an amazingly talented, gracious and well-respected pioneer of the publishing world, started British Marie Claire back in 1988. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Harpers Bazaar, and a big fan of David Bowie (who's not..?)

The shoot took place at the Hearst Building studios in NYC and was originally supposed to be a straightforward vertical image, however after she arrived for the sitting and we got a number of initial frames, I wanted to try for more of an environmental look. 
Glenda's PR rep Mimi was kind enough to stand in off to the side and give the image a bit of a story... a sort of brief look into Glenda's daily work life, taking a quick moment out of her day to sit for a portrait.
I love this picture.

Thanks to my crew- Paul Thorburn & Emily Sauer, as well as Mimi Sterling & Chris Paull at Hearst and Jennifer Haysler at Sarah Laird and Good Company.

Monday, September 2, 2013

K i s s  M e  K a t e

Had a great time shooting with Lera Korytska (NEXT) and Maiko De Andara (Q)

Makeup/Hair/Grooming: Vivi Lapidus ( )
Assistants: David Jaffe & Andy Bartley
Shot at Fast Ashley’s Studios in Brooklyn

Thanks to: Shaun Doyle, Mike Abrego, Bailey Powell, Fletcher Anstis, Caroyln @ Utoipa Kaitlin Gu, Lyn Ambite.