Thursday, February 6, 2014

L A U R A  D E A N O V I C

San Francisco California
November 2013

This post is a continuation of my last blog post about people living extraordinary lives 
while suffering from auto-immune diseases. 
The project was for and Laura's story was particularly interesting to shoot... 
I've wanted to photograph a boxer for quite some time.

As a child, Laura was diagnosed with severe Psoriasis, and although her father was a dermatologist,
here condition is very rare, and has had a profound effect on the way she lives her life.

The thing that makes Laura's story so remarkable is that as she suffers from her skin condition,
she has learned to overcome her limitations and has gone on to become a 
high-school teacher, a drummer, and most notably, a professional boxer.

Spending time with Laura and learning about her story and personal struggles was so inspiring.
If you're looking for someone who has learned to transcend their fears and lives life to the fullest, 
Laura embodies that spirit with graceful tenacity.

To see more of Laura's story, click here: