Friday, February 11, 2011

My Grandmother "Amma" ... we'll miss her.

Amma was such an amazing woman. She lived a long life full of wisdom, grace, and a flair for the creative that is very rare. She bought me my first camera and was instrumental in cultivating the creative side of my life. She was a hiker and a photographer, she sculpted driftwood that she found out in the woods into some of the most beautiful pieces of natural wooden sculptures i've ever seen, and when her hands became to frail to work with wood, she took up watercolor painting and quickly gained recognition.. she was a natural, she was a free spirit and she found those peaceful places in her soul that many people live their whole lives without having even a glimpse of.

She lived her life with finesse and never judged anyone... she did the things she wanted to do and was open & fearless when it came to trying new ways to be creative.... ahead of her time without a doubt.

About 2 years ago, I was visiting her at her apartment in the care center,
and she made a comment that was probably the first time i've even heard her get a little "diva"...
It was just the two of us, and we were walking to the cafeteria- she was walking with a cane, but she was moving faster than I was, walking a few feet in front of me (i think she was 89 at the time) and had been through a few surgery's to repair both knees and I think a hip as well. Anyhow, as she briskly walked into the hallway where the elevator was, she took her cane, stuck it up in the air gesturing twards the carpet and said "can you believe that color!!!???.... UGHHH!!!" I started laughing, and she looked back at me and cracked a little smirk as if to say: "i'm 89, i know what im talking about when it comes to color themes, and i'm going to make a snide comment cause I think i've earned it"
It was the only time I can ever remember hearing her "bitch" ...the funny thing was, I'm pretty sure she knew it too.